Prospective Members


The Reinvention Collaborative is a member-driven, dues-supported national consortium of R1/2 universities, all of which are dedicated to innovation and excellence in undergraduate education.

Annual institutional membership is $4,000.

Benefits of membership include access to Reinvention Collaborative peers and programs, which entail opportunities to learn and partner at every level in undergraduate affairs. For example:

  • The Lamborn-Hughes Institute is an opportunity for teams—including but not limited to academic and student affairs leaders—to “strengthen the student-centered research university.”

  • RC colloquia, such as the Academic Advising Colloquium at UC Davis (Fall 2019), provide opportunity for UVPs to support their direct reports.

  • By-invitation events, such as the RC Luncheon at POD’s Annual Conference (Fall 2019), provide opportunity for UVPs to support direct reports.

Additional benefits include:

  • UVP Meeting registration waived. Upcoming UVP Meetings include UC Davis (Fall 2019), University of Notre Dame (Spring 2020), Howard University (Fall 2020), and University of Virginia (Spring 2021).

  • Access to (forthcoming August 2019), an exclusive networking platform, data-supported leading practice repository, and member directory and consulting service.

  • Reduced registration fees for Biennial National Conferences that feature public/private research university leaders and opportunities to showcase leading-edge innovations (see RC 20/20 Project).

For additional information, please contact Steven P. Dandaneau, Ph.D., Executive Director, Reinvention Collaborative, and Associate Provost, Colorado State University (, or Liz Mauk, Assistant Director, Reinvention Collaborative (

The Reinvention Collaborative especially encourages new UVPs to consider participation in our UVP 101 professional development program (offered as needed at UVP Meetings). We also welcome new UVPs to “test drive” a meeting, if they wish, before committing to the annual institutional membership dues.

Here are a few recent member testimonials:

The Reinvention Collaborative is the best place I know of to learn about trends, best practices, and innovative ideas related to undergraduate education at research universities. This network of like institutions keeps me energized and provides wonderful opportunities to exchange ideas in an open and supportive environment.
— Karen Laughlin, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Florida State University
I have participated in the Reinvention Collaborative National Meeting since 2008 and have found them to be thought-provoking and well aligned with my work in undergraduate academic affairs. The Reinvention Collaborative, and the UVP Network, is the single best organization for me to interact with others doing the same work, resulting in new ideas and new collaborations.
— Anonymous
The 2018 UVP Network meeting of the Reinvention Collaborative at UT Austin was the first one that I attended and I was impressed with the engaging and thought-provoking discussions on ways to advance undergraduate education and student success. I had the opportunity to network with peers and exchange ideas on innovative strategies that have been shown to improve student retention and persistence. I believe the Reinvention Collaborative is an invaluable resource network that provides, via a supportive environment, a wealth of knowledge on best practices on matters related to strengthening the undergraduate student experience and success at research universities. It is also a network where new ideas can be formed and explored.
— Nikos Varelas, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and Academic Programs, University of Illinois at Chicago. 2018 UVP 101 participant.