Cultivating Institutional Self-Discovery


The second plenary and breakouts turn the focus toward the second part of the “where do we want to go” question: institutional practices, structures, and cultures.  Many dimensions of contemporary universities show their pre-digital history, European roots, and the professional incentive structures built during the half-century after World War II.  While many of the external stereotypes that caricature faculty and universities as hidebound and resistant to change are profoundly wrong, there are many types of change that are critical to meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s students that have not yet taken place.  The task, then, is to identify what specific changes are needed; it is not change for change’s sake.  Identifying where we want to go requires a prior commitment to institutional self-discovery.  The second section of the conference will, therefore, focus both on changes in practices that affect students and in practices that affect professional identities, incentive structures, and institutional culture.


  • José Luis Cruz

    President of Lehman College, City University of New York

    Plenary Panelist

  • Rafael Bras

    Provost & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Georgia Tech

    Plenary Panelist

  • Warwick Arden

    Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, North Carolina State University

    Plenary Panelist

  • Beth Loizeaux

    Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Boston University


  • Mike Mullen

    Vice Chancellor and Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, North Carolina State University

    Plenary Panelist