Past Meetings


The Reinvention Collaborative hosts a biennial National Conference in the Washington D.C. area in November of even years and Network Meetings twice a year. The Network Meetings are held in different regions of the country, usually in November and late May or early June on the campus of one of our member institutions. In even years, when the November UVP Network meeting coincides with the National Conference, the two meetings are held back-to-back at the same location.

The Network Meetings provide two opportunities a year for people actively involved in its networks to meet in person for one to two days. These network meetings always include the UVP Network and, on a targeted basis, members of other networks. While participation in network meetings is typically restricted to people at member institutions who are active in the network, institutions hosting network meetings are allocated part of the meeting to showcase relevant activities on their campus.

The biennial National Conference features invited speakers who are nationally recognized for their leadership in undergraduate education. The deliberations at the meeting focus on critical challenges research universities face, such as effective assessment of learning outcomes, building partnerships with stakeholders, innovative uses of technology, general educational, reform, faculty reward structures, and the science of learning.

Eight national conferences have been held since the Collaborative was founded in 2000. Principal funding to support invited speakers and other expenses of the conference has been provided by the National Science Foundation. These conferences have typically drawn between 200 and 400 research university faculty and administrators as well as officials from public and private funding agencies, professional societies, and regional accrediting bodies.