Moving from Managing to Catalyzing Change 


Having identified key dimensions of where we want to go educationally and institutionally, and having evaluated how we can assess the strategic contexts that have emerged in different institutions at this moment in time, a concluding question arises: how do we move from a focus on managing the consequences of internal and external changes to an emphasis on catalyzing change in ways that will enable us to achieve specific institutional objectives and goals? 

The invited speakers for the fourth plenary all have had extensive experience in multiple administrative roles in research universities.  They will be asked to suggest answers to this central question (how we can catalyze change in pursuit of specific objectives) in their opening remarks.  Those remarks will be followed by a moderated discussion.  The plenary will be followed by four breakout sessions in which attendees will have follow-up discussions on catalyzing change to achieve specific goals and objectives in their distinctive university contexts.


  • Richard Feldman

    Interim President, University of Rochester

    Plenary Panelist

  • Marlene Tromp

    Provost, University of California, Santa Cruz

    Plenary Panelist

  • Amy Burkert

    Vice Provost for Education, Carnegie Mellon University


  • Toby Smith

    Vice President for Policy, Association of American Universities

    Plenary Panelist