Bob Kerrey to Speak at UVP Meeting

Former Nebraska Governor, U.S. Senator, and President of The New School.

Former Nebraska Governor, U.S. Senator, and President of The New School.

The Reinvention Collaborative is honored to welcome Bob Kerrey to the May 30-June 1 UVP Meeting at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (see Upcoming UVP Meetings at this website for details). Amy Goodburn, Nebraska’s UVP and our meeting host, informed us today that Senator Kerrey told her this past weekend, after his commencement speech to the newest ‘Husker Alumni, that he is very much looking forward to engaging our members in Lincoln.

In preparation, we are reading Building the International University: Minerva and the Future of Higher Education (MIT Press, 2017), to which Senator Kerrey contributed a Foreword. Amy Goodburn also shared Senator Kerrey’s official bio. It’s worth reading and so we copy it in full:

The Honorable Bob Kerrey

             Bob Kerrey is Managing Director at Allen & Company. He is also Executive Chairman of the Minerva Institute for Research and Scholarship, supporting the Minerva Project, an exceptional liberal arts and sciences education.

            From 2001-2011, Mr. Kerrey was president of the New School, a university founded on democratic ideals and daring educational practices. On his watch, The New School experienced unprecedented growth in enrollment, faculty, scholarships, capital projects, research, and international engagement.

            From 1989-2001, Mr. Kerrey represented Nebraska in the United States Senate, where he promoted equity for rural communities, led in farm and environmental legislation, strengthened taxpayers’ rights, led in restructuring our intelligence agencies, and partnered with local leaders to build projects of lasting value to Nebraskans.

            His public service since leaving the Senate includes: the 9/11 Commission, advisory board of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association, co-chair of the Concord Coalition, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

            Prior to his Senate service, Mr. Kerrey served one term as Nebraska’s Governor. Before entering politics, he was a businessman who helped build a chain of restaurants and health clubs employing over 1,000 people.

            Mr. Kerrey served as a U.S. Nancy SEAL during the Vietnam War. For his service, he received the Medal of Honor. While he Vietnam, he was wounded, permanently disabled, and received from this injury a great gift: sympathy for those who are suffering and an appreciation for the capacity of government to save your life.

            Mr. Kerrey earned a B.S. degree in Pharmacy from the University of Nebraska.

            Mr. Kerrey is married to Sarah Paley and lives in New York. They have a 16-year-old son, Henry, and Mr. Kerrey has two children from his previous marriage. Ben and Lindsey Kerrey, and four grandchildren. 


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