Question: What’s the “Reinvention Collaborative”?

Answer: A Boyer-inspired consortium that brings together research university leaders with expertise in the theory and practice of undergraduate education.

Question: Leaders?

Answer: Yep. The RC centers around a network of R1/2 undergraduate vice presidents/provosts (UVPs), strategically situated leaders who drive university-wide innovation. The RC helps UVPs and their colleagues connect with one another and with national networks that help them advance undergraduate education (for example, in the areas of academic advising, undergraduate research, evidence-based and inclusive pedagogy, etc.). RC members work collaboratively to develop and implement innovative undergraduate practices.

Question: Why join?

Answer: To stay current and forward-looking.

Question: That’s it?

Answer: Given the intrinsic importance of undergraduate students; given the distinctive challenges and opportunities in R1/2 contexts—indeed, given the strategic significance of undergraduate programs—who can afford not to join?