Question: What’s the “Reinvention Collaborative”?

Answer: A Boyer-inspired consortium that brings together U.S. research university leaders with expertise in the theory and practice of undergraduate education.

Question: Leaders?

Answer: Yep. The RC centers around a network of R1/2 undergraduate vice presidents/provosts (UVPs), strategically situated leaders who drive university-wide innovation. The RC helps UVPs connect with one another as well as national networks of others who advance undergraduate education (through, for example, academic advising, undergraduate research, and evidence-based pedagogical strategies). RC members work collaboratively to develop and variously implement innovative and effective undergraduate practices.

Question: Why join?

Answer: To stay current and forward-looking.

Question: That’s it?

Answer: Given the intrinsic importance of undergraduate students at R1/2 institutions—and given how strategically significant undergraduate programs are to those institutions—who can afford not to join?